We will advise you in relation to redundancy, discrimination, dismissal, bullying at work and we can represent you in an employment tribunal.  We strive to achieve your objectives.

We hope to work on a one to one basis with you and our fee structure is flexible to take into account your budget.  We endeavour to provide you with a breakdown of costs at each stage of our discussions with you and we can offer you options for how you wish to proceed in the future.

We also offer services which can guide you through your whole employment life cycle, so you need not wait for when things go wrong.

Upon being offered a contract of employment, we can help you to negotiate your employment package and advise you as to the best possible service agreement so that you are offered the best package and understand all the clauses.

We also help to guide you through changes to your contract including bonus schemes, share options and restrictive covenants throughout your career.

If you decide to leave your employment, we can advise you as to the best exit strategies and we hope to negotiate a settlement on your behalf with which you will be satisfied. It is also important to negotiate a package which is structured so that it is tax efficient for your benefit.  The areas of employment which we deal with in a cost effective and practical manner are the following:

    • Redundancy
    • Discrimination and equal opportunities
    • Compromise agreements
    • Disciplinary Hearings and dismissal
    • Bullying and harassment
    • Restrictive covenants
    • Director termination and severance