Advertising CAP code clearance on all media

The CAP Code Update

From 1 March 2011, the Advertising Standards Agency (“ASA”) will begin regulation of all websites, online advertisements and other marketing communications connected to companies, organisations and sole traders operating in the UK.

In an effort to raise the standards and ensure that they match those in other media, all online marketing will have to comply with the rules for advertisers and media owners set out in the CAP Code which currently applies to the more traditional advertising methods. The CAP Code is created, regulated and enforced by the self-regulatory body, the Committee of Advertising Practice (“CAP”).

This significant development will apply to organisations’ websites and will cover all online marketing messages and other non-paid for space under their control including social networking sites such as Linked-In, Facebook and Twitter.

Following this development, Nelsons is offering a website health check for £200 plus VAT to ensure that your website complies with the CAP Code as well as other rules and regulations, including data protection and consumer protectionlegislation.

In the event that our review identifies any areas of your website which are non-compliant with relevant regulations we will advise you of the best course of action.

Advertising CAP code clearance

Media and advertising

The media industry is diverse, rapidly evolving, and presents particular challenges. Media businesses need specialist legal support to help them exploit new technologies and protect their rights and commercial interests.

Our team advises a wide range of clients in television, new media and publishing. We prepare and negotiate agreements on rights acquisition and exploitation, including development and commissioning agreements.

We advise clients on the commercial aspects and structure of their deals, based on our knowledge of the industry.

Businesses in all industries need advice on their advertising contracts and campaigns, to ensure that they achieve the best media exposure while complying with the law. We frequently advise on the rules concerning both offline and online advertising. Our team’s experience ranges from print-based advertising to electronic direct marketing, and we cover consumer protection laws as well as CAP code compliance. We also advise on sponsorship and event management agreements.

Our media clients include internet television companies, publishers, producers and artists. Our advertising clients include agencies and well-known brand owners, as well as SMEs.