Collaborative Law

A number of our family law solicitors are trained in the collaborative law process. This is becoming popular in part because family lawyers’ fees for dealing with a case collaboratively are often relatively low.

About collaborative law

The overriding idea is that you and your spouse are in charge of the legal process rather than your solicitors. The process ensures that you can put your main concerns to the forefront and aims to give them sufficient priority. For example, remaining in the family home, ensuring that the children do not need to change schools or keeping a business intact.

Much of the collaborative law process takes place within ‘four-way meetings’. They are meetings attended by you and your spouse together with your respective solicitors. The idea is that discussions should take place openly and frankly during those meetings.

Another important hallmark of the collaborative process is the participation agreement. This is a binding agreement which is signed early on in the process by you, your spouse and your solicitors. By signing the participation agreement everybody is committed to seeking an agreed financial settlement.

If the negotiations break down and you wish to go to court, then the solicitors who have acted for you as part of the collaborative process cannot remain involved in the process.

The collaborative process is not for everyone. For example, you may not feel comfortable dealing with your former partner direct, and may feel vulnerable in such meetings. However, if you do think it could be suitable, it is a process which should be seriously considered.

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