Crown court

Crown court proceedings

More serious offences are dealt with before the Crown Court, including all cases of serious crime and commercial fraud. The practice undertakes the detailed preparation of cases before the Crown Court, carefully assessing and considering the prosecution evidence in the form of witness statements and exhibits, and accessing appropriate and relevant unused material. We obtain our clients detailed instructions on the evidence and advise as to plea, mitigation in guilty pleas and the conduct of a trial in matters which are denied. The firm has an expert team of lawyers with many years

experience who undertake this preparatory work.

The firm has a substantial team of Solicitor Advocates and in-house Counsel who represent clients before the Crown Court. The firm also instructs independent Barristers who are selected on the basis of their experience, dedication and commitment to the interests of our clients.

Cases before the Crown Court can take many months, and sometimes years, to reach a final resolution, and it is necessary to provide sympathetic advice and support to our clients and their families to assist them in confronting the very difficult issues which can arise in such circumstances.

  • Representation before all Crown Courts throughout England and Wales
  • Costs met either through Legal Aid or on a private fee paying basis
  • Representation for all types of offences before the Crown Court