Our team has experience advising clients on health and safety issues, in particular in relation to transport, construction, manufacturing, energy, healthcare and cosmetics industry

In addition, we are well versed in HSE investigations and prosecutions.

A business can find themselves under HSE investigation for a number of reasons, including avoidable injury or accidents in the workplace, or in the event of continued employee ill health.

Our solicitors can advise on all aspects of HSE enforcement, including:

  • Inspection
  • Investigation
  • Complaints
  • Enforcement decisions
  • Serving of notices
  • Prosecutions
  • Major incidents
  • Work-related deaths
  • Corporate manslaughter

In most health and safety cases, prevention is as much the issue as cure in mitigating the effects of or avoiding an HSE investigation.

If you find yourself under HSE investigation

Our health and safety lawyers can help you before, during and after an investigation: -

Before an Investigation

  • Internal audit on current health and safety policies and procedures and advice on required updates or revisions
  • Advice and training on implementing an incident response plan

During an Investigation

  • Incident response
  • Advice on mitigating legal ramifications
  • Representation and advice during investigation and any interviews advice on mitigating any reputational damage

After an Investigation

  • Advice and representation in the event of any prosecution
  • Advice on avoiding a repeat incident

HSE investigations can be complex and it can take time for a business to get up and

running again. We understand the impact health and safety has on your business, and
the long term damage that can be caused by an incident we can to help you manage
and understand this process efficiently.