International and expat divorce

International families need specialist advice to negotiate complex questions of jurisdiction and international law. If you live and work abroad, have moved to the UK to work, if you married abroad, or if your partner has moved to live with you from another country, then you could benefit from expert advice about your situation.

We can advise you on the full range of international family law, including:

  • whether you should divorce in this country or abroad
  • whether a pre-nuptial agreement will be upheld
  • preventing child abduction
  • the implications of international relocation
  • enforcing court orders contact with children across international boundaries.

You may need comparative advice in two jurisdictions and we can liaise with lawyers in jurisdictions abroad to give you the full picture, as well as working with our expert immigration practitioners where you need their advice. In some divorce cases, where parties are living outside theUK, or are originally from other parts of the world there are added complexities to a divorce case. You will need an expat divorce:

  • If you are originally fromEnglandorWales, currently living in another part of the world and want to use the English Courts to obtain a divorce.
  • If you have lived outside theUKfor a number of years, have only recently returned and want to divorce here.
  • If you are from outside theUK, have made your home inEnglandorWalesand choose to divorce here.
  • If your spouse lives outside theUKand there may be issues in tracing them or debate about where to get divorced.

There are some other circumstances where an ‘expat divorce’ applies. There are some complex legal issues to consider so it always best to take advice from an expert in international divorce issues.

Family law solicitors

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