Deed of poll

What is a Deed Poll?

A Deed Poll is a legal document that concerns one person. – and it is only signed by that  person. A Deed Poll binds the signatory from the date of signing to a particular course of  action as detailed on the Deed Poll document.

Today, Deed Polls have only one generally accepted meaning, that is, a change of name. They are more correctly known as a Deed of Change of Name.

A Deed Poll for a change of name contains three declarations and by executing the Deed Poll (signing, dating and having witnessed) you are committing yourself to:

1. Abandoning the use of your former name;

2. Using your new name only at all times;

Requiring all persons to address you by your new name.

A Deed Poll provides documentary evidence that you have changed your name and you are legally binding yourself to using your new name.

A Deed Poll is an English legal document, which is recognised by all UK government departments and UK companies and organisations – subject to the Deed Poll being prepared by a competent authority such as ourselves.

With a Deed Poll, you can change your forenames or surname, add names, remove names or rearrange your existing names. You can change your name at any time and for any reason provided it is not to deceive or defraud or to avoid an obligation.

Please note, a Deed Poll can be executed by any British citizen aged 18 years or over living anywhere in the world or by anyone of any nationality living in the United Kingdom (parents can apply on behalf of their children). It should be noted that a Deed Poll is only recognised by United Kingdom government departments, companies and organisations. If you are a foreign national living in the UK, you should check with your country’s high commission or embassy in London to see if a Deed Poll will be accepted to get your passport changed to show your new name. Countries that have a legal system based on the British legal system will usually accept a Deed Poll issued by us.

Please note, a Deed Poll cannot be used to get your birth certificate reissued in your new name.

Statutory Declaration>

Statutory Declarations are written statements which have been declared to be true in the presence of an authorised witness, such as a solicitor, and are necessary in a number of situations.  Common uses to support an application to change of name stated on your passport or an application for a Certificate of Existing Lawful Use and Development.  Corporate/company Statutory Declarations are regularly prepared to comply with statutory requirements and good governance of a company.

We will prepare the statutory declaration to your specifications and if so required arrange for you to attend a local firm of solicitors to have the declaration sworn.�

We can also administer Oaths, Declarations and Affidavits to be sworn, where they have been prepared by another firm of solicitors or organisation.

Online Deed of Poll service coming soon.