Points Based System

Recent changes in Immigration Law have seen the introduction of the new Points Based System from April 2012 and this has fundamentally changed the visa application process. This is the biggest shake up of the Immigration system by the Home Office for 45 years. It now constitutes the UK’s immigration regime relating to those wishing to gain initial admission into the UK and permission to remain for all forms of business- and employment-related immigration, and those who wish to study in the UK.

HKH Kenwright & Cox solicitors provide specialist advice and representation throughout the Points-Based System, both for applicants themselves and for the employers and education providers who sponsor them. Our experienced lawyers can also assist in applications as diverse as visas to visit the UK and applications for British citizenship and asylum applications.

The Points Based System comprises five “Tiers” as follows:

• Tier 1 enables highly skilled individuals to enter the UK to contribute to its economic wealth and productivity.
• Tier 2 is for skilled workers who have been offered employment in the UK. It has replaced the previous Work Permit scheme.
• Tier 3 was intended for unskilled workers, has never been operational since the implementation of the Points Based System and seems likely to remain closed.
• Tier 4 is for those wishing to study in the UK. It has comprehensively replaced the Immigration Rules relating to students.
• Tier 5 is for youth mobility and temporary workers. Their reasons for coming to the UK are non-economic.