Police Station Representation

Police Station Representation It is everyone’s right to have legal advice and representation during the course of an investigation at a Police Station. There are occasions when investigations take place in other locations than a Police Station, for example, investigations conducted by the Department of Trade and Industry. We are available to provide advice and representation on a 24 hour basis to those under arrest, to those attending as volunteers and also to witnesses assisting the Police with their enquiries. Such representation is provided either under the Legal Aid Scheme, without cost to the individual concerned, or alternatively on a private fee paying basis.

Our firm operates a nationwide 24 hour freephone telephone advice service, and following initial contact via this service, representatives of the practice will attend to provide Police Station advice and representation to our clients.

The firm employs a number of highly experienced accredited Police Station representatives, qualified to provide such advice under the Legal Services Commission Accreditation Scheme.

Our legal representatives are highly trained and experienced and we ensure that they are kept up to date as to the changes and developments which occur in relation to legislation and Case Law which affect the provision of advice to clients the subject of an investigation.

This firm is repeatedly asked to assist clients who have already, at some time, during the course of an investigation or Court proceedings instructed Solicitors. We are used to dealing with such enquiries and advising as to the transfer of a case from previous Solicitors to this practice. It is important to those the subject of an investigation or prosecution, that they are confident in the Solicitors that they instruct and that they consider those that act for them are doing everything they possibly can to assist.