Suspicious Emails

Bogus rewards, claims or threats

Scam e-mails that appear to come from HKH Kenwright & Cox are generally badly written. A typical scam e-mail may indicate that:

  • the addressee of the e-mail has inherited a substantial sum of money.
  • a copyright lawsuit has been filed against the e-mail recipient.

These types of messages may contain malicious attachments or web links. If a user opens the attachment or follows the link, a malicious code or virus may be installed on the user’s system. On the other hand, they may be seeking personal banking information.

We suggest:

  • Be very cautious when visiting untrusted websites.
  • You maintain up-to-date antivirus software.
  • You do not follow unsolicited web links
  • Do not open unsolicited e-mail messages.
  • Please do report scams to us in any event.
  • Do not respond with money or personal information.

For further information on scam e-mails, you can visit the UK’s Metropolitan Police Force website – please see Advance fees fraud – 419 Fraud.

Should you have any suspicion about the legitimacy of a communication allegedly coming from HKH Kenwright & Cox or wish to report a scam relating to the use of our name, please contact us on + 44 (0)20 8553 9600.