Two out of three people die without making a Will. When this happens, the estate is distributed in accordance with a rigid set of rules known as the intestacy rules. Spouses receive a set sum and blood relatives are listed in order of priority. This can have disastrous consequences.

Under intestacy rules, a surviving spouse or civil partner may not inherit your entire estate but may have to share it with children or with your parents or siblings. Cohabitees and step-children will not automatically benefit from an intestate estate.

Will writing solicitors

A well drafted will can ensure that your chosen beneficiaries inherit your estate with the minimum of fuss. Our will writing solicitors will help you to plan for the transfer of your estate on death; taking into account your family and fiscal circumstances. Issues such as guardianship and the appointment of appropriate executors will be addressed.

Second families can be catered for via a suitable trust structure in your will which, whilst making provision for a second partner, can ensure that children from a first relationship will ultimately benefit.

At Pannone, we have particular expertise in advising parents of children with special needs who are concerned about the management of estate funds after death. A properly structured discretionary trust arising on the death of the second parent can allow assets to be used for a child with special needs without jeopardising means-tested benefits.

Writing a Last Will and Testament

Our solicitors will guide you through the options available to you when preparing to write your will, advising of the tax consequences of your proposals.

A Last Will and Testament should be an essential part of any succession planning for your business. Our private client team will work with your corporate advisors to maximise any tax saving opportunities.

Do it yourself wills!

We do not recommend ‘do it yourself’ (DIY) wills. Sadly, when someone has prepared a DIY will they die believing that their affairs are in order but in many cases, the will proves to be difficult to interpret or is sometimes not even valid.  As a result, the family of the deceased may face lengthy and expensive proceedings to finalise the deceased’s affairs. To avoid such complications, speak to us and allow a specialist solicitor to write your Last Will and Testament for you.  It does not have to be expensive.

Once we have ensured that your will has been validly executed, we store it free of charge and will provide you with a copy for your records.

Estate Administration / Probate Solicitors

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